Immerse yourself in a world where every stroke of the brush tells a story of elegance, and every finish reflects a heritage of craftsmanship. We’ll redefine your special spaces with our exceptional finishes—from the rustic charm of pickling to the timeless grandeur of gilding.

Our old-world expertise breathes life into each project, delivering finishes that create a deep beauty and profound impact in every room. Let us transform your home with finishes that celebrate the beauty of artistry and tradition.


“In my career as a Homeowner’s Representative overseeing the development of very exclusive homes in Dallas and elsewhere, I cannot more highly recommend Barry Martin and his team for any client or project needs. Whether it’s painting one room of a home or painting the entire property inside and out, Barry and his talented group of painters deliver the highest level of work one can find anywhere in the world. Whether it is a strie wall, a mural, a high-gloss ceiling or a faux finish on a piece of furniture, Barry’s painters are true artisans and unquestionably deliver Dallas’s finest in terms of beautiful and flawless finishes.”

– Brad Kelly   |   Principal, Brad Kelly & Associates when you reach the right balance between all elements.
– Jean-Louis Deniot


Process of aging wood to simulate wearing or peeling of paint.


Process of applying one color over another color to achieve a specific brush or rag pattern, and to achieve a depth in color.

High Gloss

Process of creating a smooth, shiny finish to duplicate a hand rubbed high polish lacquer.


Process generally used on walls which leaves a desired feel or movement of the surface, usually achieved by hand troweling with specific materials.


A technique used to chemically age and color wood without the use of stains.


A process generally achieved over a painted surface to give the affect of age or wear from time.


Process of applying either metal leaf or true gold leaf to surfaces.

Simulated Wood & Marble

Process of applying paints and glazes on surfaces in ways that recreate with illusion the look of real wood or marble.


Process of achieving a color on wood that allows the grain of the wood to show through.